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We Believe It! We Achieve It!

Phyllis Wheatley School of Arts & Technology

Discover, Imagine, Create, and Express the vision of a joy filled future!

P.S. 328 is committed to creating a high-achieving rigorous, supportive and inclusive educational environment where all community learners are able to Discover through exploration, Imagine new possibilities, Create through innovation, and Express themselves while striving for excellence throughout life.

Phyllis Wheatley School of Arts & Technology

We empower scholars by creating inspiring and individualized learning anchored in the expressive arts and technology.

Our Curriculum


Our Leaders

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S.T.E.A.M is alive at The Phyllis Wheatley School. Our technology instructional program provides students with hands-on activities, tech design, coding and computer science challenges.


Our hydroponics core curriculum introduces students to cutting-edge technology and connects science and the environment through sustainable urban farming.


Our PS.328 dance program allows students to discover, imagine, create and explore their talents.

Feel the H.O.W.L Difference


That’s the increase our students made in English Language Arts on the state exam in 2023.


That’s the increase our students made in Math on the state exam in 2023.


That’s the number of students whose families get to use our new laundry center for absolutely FREE as long as their child attends our school!


That’s the increase in students who have an attendance rate greater than 90% from the prior year.

The Latest News


IAM328 Published Authors

We have works by students & teachers who have published pieces, as well as student works that have appeared in our school publications. We read, write, create and hunger for more. The Phillis Wheatley School is a school of scholars, writers, and publishers. Our students and teachers are Exemplars. 

Hours Of Code

Bridging Technology and the Arts Public School 328 is dedicated to educating the mind and fostering the social-emotional development of our scholars. We emphasize the principles of dignity and self-worth. (more…)

Discover Media Kidz

We are so proud of our students and how they willingly embrace their education, especially those things that are tangental. (more…)