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The Phyllis Wheatley School has been described by many as a “unicorn’ in East, NY. That is because we provide valuable resources and support to all of our families who have unique needs.

As a Title I school, many of our children reside in low-income households, while over 30% of our students live in temporary housing and shelters.

This is why we aim to provide services that address the needs of our families, so that barriers to learning are addressed and our children are free to focus on their education.

Food Pantry

We provide families with both perishable and non-perishable food from our food pantry in partnership with ASAS. Families can call our main office and request to speak to Mr. Angel Arroyo to schedule a pick up.

We also have fresh herbs (such as basil, cilantro, and parsley) packaged from our Hydroponics lab available throughout the week.

Clothing Thrift Store

We provide clean clothes to our students and families such as coats, shoes, shirts, and pants based on availability. Items which are donated are washed and cleaned.

We accept items throughout the year through our clothing drives. If you would like to donate or would like to receive clothing support please reach out to our parent coordinator, Mr. Brandon Clarke, in the main office.

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